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Techy Tea - Bridging Generations through Technology

Techy Tea is a community initiative designed for the elderly, providing a welcoming space at the village hall in East Yorkshire. This free drop-in session invites participants to bring their tech devices, fostering a relaxed and friendly environment for addressing any issues or problems they may encounter. Magic Mouse Media is on hand to provide assistance and support. The goal is not only to enhance tech literacy but also to encourage socialization, promoting an active and engaged lifestyle within the community. Join us for a cup of tea, friendly conversations, and the opportunity to connect with fellow members of the village.

Here to change your perspective on your website

All too often, we see struggles to find ways to utilise a website. Our unique way of operating makes getting to know your website easy. We believe that your website should be a valuable tool not just an expense. An investment that makes you a return (even a profit we would be so bold as to ask!) on rather than sitting with outdated content just costing you money. We have developed a way for you to tailor your experience with us, meaning everyone gets to use us in a different way to accomplish their goals. 

Our Do It Together (D.I.T) scheme provides a platform for us to work together, to teach al all you need to know to make your website an incredible resource for your potential customers. We can provide 1-2-1 tuition, starting with basics through to advanced website development techniques. We can teach you all about WordPress, WooCommerce, Elementor Pro, MailChimp and so much more! If you want to know about something, get in touch, chances are, we can help you!

The Website Handyman

If you already have a website and just wish it could do something, get in touch. We have worked with all kinds of different types of businesses and websites and helped them solve countless issues that they have with their website. Maybe you want a button moved, or want a form putting in for potential customers to send in a request, we can take care of all aspects.

We have powerful tools at our disposal, including industry leading website-builder, Elementor Pro, WooCommerce and WordPress. Add our expertise and knowledge, your website will be ready to take on all challenges and present you with more solutions to help your customers. 

We understand the importance of branding, so with your hosting packages, we include email services as standard so you can start emailing from the domain name that you choose, you can set it up in your favourite email client or use it on webmail (provided for free too!).

Unlock the power of the Magic Token

Our Magic Token unlocks our shop. A membership area that will give you access to all of our services. From simple edits to page builds, 1-2-1 tuition, and developing web pages together, we make sure you get the most out of the experience with us. 

Our Magic Token gives you the chance to customise your experience at Magic Mouse, and create a strategy and output that suits your needs.

Gone are the days of pre-built packages

We believe that the power of creativity comes in collaboration. We provide a platform for you to engage as much as you’d like with the creative process. Want to see and be a part of the page build you want? We can do that for you. Want to see how we research, install and configure plug-ins, we can do that too! With our Do It Together (D.I.T) service added to most of our features on the Magic Token Menu, then you will definitely be able to create a tailored support package that suits you.

Website hosting

Superfast servers

We use Google Cloud based servers ensure, speed, realiability and securty.

Domain emails

You can easily setup your custom domain email address in your client area or have us do it for you!

Security + backups

We offer SSL certificates and daily bckups of your website to make sure you are portected.

E-Commerce ready

We can have your website ready to start trading in no-time with WooCommerce.

Website development

Work together

You can choose how much we work together on any given project. We believe that the magic is in your brain, we just want to extract it.

Fully responsive

It's 2023 people, we all have phones. Your website has to be ready for visitors on mobiles. All our sites are developed to be exactly that!

Powerful tools

We use industry-leading tools to give you the best possible start and growth opportunities. WordPress, Elementor pro, and WooCommerce are just the start!

Unlock Magic

With Magic Mouse you get 10+ years working in different media production roles and website management. We have your back!

Who have we worked with and what are they saying?

We’re just getting started. We have lots of exciting ideas and solutions for everyone to take advantage of. We will be laying out some key milestones for achievement and be keeping you updated along the way. For now, we are buckling down on the existing customers we have, trying to network and develop some partners, also, we are busy developing this website and some functionality that will hopefully bring a new level of engagement to Magic Mouse. A big thank you to everyone who has supported us this far.