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Getting started with our Magic Menu

We believe in simplicity and making your buck make the biggest bang. We were sick of seeing pre-devised packages, full of services that the customer doesn’t want or need. We continuously work together with you to build you service packages that suit your needs. This is why we have introduced the Magic Token (MT) system. Rather than us charging for service packages, we are bringing a fresh, new feel to working together. We know this system isn’t new but it is tried, tested and it works. We really see a great opportunity to to help our customers in a tailored, meaningful way. Are you ready to unlock your websites potential?

Initial deposits

To help you get started with us, you’re going to need some tokens in the bank to secure services from us. That is why we have introduced the starter packs so we can take care of you in the way that you want and need. This is agreed upon sign up and we can pre-load your account. 

Monthly packages

This is where the magic happens and we work together to grow your site. Set with a 3-month minimum term, we aim to boost your website traffic, gain you leads and keep your website secured and updated.

10 tokens – £100
30 tokens – £285
55 tokens – £495
100 tokens – £850
150 tokens – £1200


We believe that learning about your website is the key to its success. Which is why we are ready to take to Zoom, MS Teams or any other video call platform we can do screen-share on and work through a syllabus designed to get you doing everything you need to for your website. With our support, we aim to have your knowledge to a place that enables you to see your website as a great opportunity and tool rather than a stagnant cost to you. 

Sessions can be split up. 4x 1 hour slots for example.

Magic Menu

Website hosting

(MT = Magic Token)

Website development

(MT = Magic Token)