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Muay Thai Blog has a new home and focus!

Writing about my Muay Thai journey though Muay Thai Blog is where it all started for me, way back in 2014. I was writing about events that were upcoming, spreading word of the fighters, interviewing them, sharing the positive impact of Muay Thai to a growing community of like-minded people. 

Which has led me to this place really, having a web design business because I spent time learning (generally from my mistakes) about building websites and now, I can combine the two, my passion and my way of income and really drive positive moves forward. 

As mentioned on the Muay Thai page of the main Magic Mouse website, I really do love Muay Thai and I am undoubtedly a fan first before my training, and before my work. Since I discovered Thai boxing nearly 10 years ago now, it has really grown to be a big part of my life.

As with any passion, it is all you think about and want to be involved with. Building something like this helps me embed in the sport and share along the way, the positive experiences and learning curves along the way.

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What is going to be covered now?

I want to keep this simple. Trying too many things dilutes what you try to achieve so I want to start simple and slow to see growth over time. I don’t want to rush it which is why I am going to start with two categories, Muay Thai News and my training journey. This is because, there is always something going on within Muay Thai! From fights being matched, fighters getting new titles and signing new contracts, a running beef between fighters on the run up to an event and so much more! I have recently started training again too and would like to document what I do to help me remember (now that I’m getting old) and be able to look back. 

Muay Thai News

I love Thai boxing and the effort that fighters, gym owners and event promoters all put in to see the growth of the sport. I have always loved sharing stories and think this will be a great platform to provide fans with a place to come and get an exclusive insight in to the world of Muay Thai.

My Muay Thai training

Documenting my own training journey is where it all started for meand given the fact that I have started training again recently, I thought it would be good to carry on that tradition. Hopefully share some insight into what I get up to in building a new training routine.

Where do we go from here?

I will begin writing content and building a space on the Magic Mouse media website. Building out an area on the website purely dedicated to Muay Thai and the progressions the sport is making. You will be able to subscribe to our newsletter and eventually, use our token system shop to buy exclusive products (but shhhhh, that’s the mega long term plan!).

Thanks for reading and engaging with Magic Mouse. The home of the Muay Thai Blog!