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Let me make this clear… I love Muay Thai!

And have done for 9 years since I discovered it in 2014. Since then, I have played many roles and done quite a few things which I am massively proud of. From filming videos with some of the worlds best fighters (Liam Harrison, Nathan Bendon, Andy Howson, Jack Kennedy, Juan Cervantes and more) to interviewing fighters with YOKKAO and founding what is growing to be the biggest media outlet within the sport of Muay Thai (Fight Record (of which I have no affiliation with these days)). Since I discovered Muay Thai I always knew that it would be a part of my life forever. Even if just from a fan perspective. 

I have had the feeling of winning and losing in many aspects of my journey within Muay Thai, but I truly believe it has all been necessary to land me here. In a real position to help fighters, gym owners, events and media centres (podcasts and other content providers) make the most out of the opportunities presented with a website. 

Whether that be a shop, document your training, having your class timetable displayed properly, drip exclusive content or even restrict sections of your website…  and even manage all your subscriptions to the gym and automate payments very easily it is all very possible. 

I believe that with my knowledge of the sport and of hosting and building websites, you will be very well looked after. I have devised packages (that are very fair!) and I will do my best to advise and educate where possible for you to really maximise on the platform you will be building for yourself. 

What have I accomplished in Muay Thai?

old muay thai blog logo

Muay Thai Blog

I started Muay Thai Blog simply to document my training journey. I would write about what we did in the sessions, how it made me felt, what i learned. Then I started interviewing fighters and personalities within the sport and within a few years, it was one of the most well-known and the go to media source for Muay Thai in the UK. 

Fight Record

When I founded Fight Record with Gary back in 2017, it was going to be my way of making Muay Thai my full-time job. That was the dream. We started Fight Record to promote the sport and ultimately the fighters that sacrifice and do so much for very little in return. Fight Record is a great concept and has evolved since my leaving becoming the go to space for all announcements and viral content within Muay Thai. 

Victory Promotions

I was involved with a good few shows with Victory Promotions (4 or 5 I think). I built the first version of their website way back when and worked on creating content for the promotion of the events, interviewing fighters and strategising with the team for the growth of the event. Victory is growing to be one of the biggest shows in the UK with their exciting Victory League. 

Fat Lad to Fighter

I left Fight Record to pursue fighting. When I saw the potential for fighting get closer, I wouldn’t have ever forgiven myself if I didn’t give it a shot. I loved it! It was such a good journey and experience. I sold tickets, built a great audience and passed on knowledge to those who needed it. I sparred with some of the best fighters in the country and built a good brand. I was able to create a space to thank my sponsors and every one who helped me succeed on the journey too!


I worked with YOKKAO for a little while. Interviewing fighters that were on their Bolton shows, writing about training tips, news and events within YOKKAO, promoting their equipment and so much more. I was networking with some of the best in the sport and with that, I learned a lot!

So I design websites now?

Not just designing but, yeah! I can host and develop websites, purchase your domains for you and so much more! If you don’t know what any of that means, drop me a message and I can explain it. My website building journey all started with Muay Thai Blog and wanting to have a space I could do my writing. Since 2014, I have worked with WordPress consistently to deliver a great user experience. 

Up to now, the example websites I have worked on recently are not industry specific to Muay Thai. That being said, they are good examples of the work I can accomplish with your website. Below are some examples. 


I'm a fighter, why do I need a website?

Simply put… You don’t!! Not really. I mean, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment (if you see yourself fighting and want better opportunities). Muay Thai is an entertainment sport and as you level up in your fighting… your fan base and audience will grow alongside that. 

As a fighter…you are a business. You have got to market yourself to promoters to get the fights you want on the events you want to be fighting on. Having a resource (your website) that is yours is something that most fighters just don’t have. Yes, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok all do a great job to drive awareness but really, as we have all seen before, they can be hacked, deleted and compromised. Your website is your space to do what you want with! And as long as you protect your website properly (that’s my job!) then it’s yours for as long as you sustain it.

Not only that but if you have sponsors or are looking for sponsors (like most fighters do to support their fighting career), it gives you an extra tool to help thank them by having them featuring on your website. You could build a page that features all your sponsors, what they do, how they helped you and where other people could benefit from the services they provide (links to their website or socials) linking to their website or having a page dedicated to all your sponsors and what they do with links to them. 

You might initially question how you could ever make money from your website or offer any real value to the people who support you in your fighting career. On this page, we are going to walk you through what you can put on your website, how it will help and what exactly we can do for you to help you bring it to life. 

What do you get in your package?

Domain & hosting package

I will include the first year hosting and domain absolutely free. It will literally be the cost of development you will have to pay. Next year, this will renew at £80/year for domain AND hosting.

A functional website

Depending on the solution you choose, will depend on the website you get. If its more informational, if you want to sell memberships, tickets or exclusive content, your .com or will be ready to do that for you!

Professional emails

You will get professional emails included. For example, mine is - yours could be or Having your own emails really gives you that edge!

A growth plan

I will find out how you want to grow your website and provide you with a strategy to best accomplish that with some of the tools I use too! I am here to help educate you on how to maximise the potential of your website.

Monetise your audience

Social media plays a vital part of your marketing strategy sure, but your website will really give you many options to monetise your audience and generate income to help support your growth.

Someone who knows

I’ve been around a minute and provided many solutions for websites. From booking services, rental websites, e-commerce sites and blogs. I also know Muay Thai. This is a recipe for success, we just need to light the fire!

How much will it cost?

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Promote training and selling merch & tickets.
from 40 MT
  • 4 page website
  • E-commerce upgrade available
  • 1 year free hosting
  • 1 year free Elementor Pro
  • 2x Free custom emails
  • Growth, strategy & implementation meetings

Media centres

Enter your description
from 40 MT
  • 4 page website
  • E-Commerce upgrade available
  • 1 year free hosting
  • 1 year free Elementor Pro
  • 2x free custom emails
  • Specific industry knowledge


Manage monthly subscriptions, promote fight team display class timetable.
from 120 MT
  • 10 page website
  • E-commrce ready
  • List Item #3


Sell tickets, merchandise, exclusive interviews,live-stream shows
from 120 MT
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3