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Techy Tuesday with Tea

If you are struggling with technology, then struggle no longer! You have found your technological handy-man!

Welcome to Techy Tea, a community-driven tech-help session hosted by Magic Mouse Media. Whether you’re a tech-savvy enthusiast or someone who needs a little extra assistance with your gadgets, our drop-in session at Nafferton Village Hall is the perfect place to get your questions answered. Plus, you can enjoy a cup of tea or coffee on us. Best of all, there’s no cost to attend. Just bring your tech and an open mind, and let’s make your digital life easier.

What is Techy Tea?

Techy Tea is going to welcome you in no matter your experience with technology and see what you need help with to find a suitable solution. It can be something simple of complex. The idea is that it is an open space to come and make technology more familiar rather than it being something that creates fear and stress. The weekly session, held on a Tuesday, is aiming to bridge the gap and lessen the divide between the community and technology. 

There is such a big expectation for us to know what to do online and I see it very much that people are struggling to do even the simplest of things. If they had a safe space to come in, bring their gadgets in and voice their frustrations and be provided with a solution to that, I feel it will help ease the stress people have to endure when dealing with dreaded technology. 

Techy Tea is designed for those who have technology in their lives who want to improve their understanding and abilities in an environment that provides them a platform to be both listened to and heard. 

All while having a good natter, getting out the house for a couple of hours and a good cup of tea, bisuits and maybe even some food. We want to provide a welcoming space that people can feel relaxed in while spending time working on something they need to concentrate on. 

Questions we get asked

No, Techy Tea Tuesday is completely free of charge. We believe in giving back to the community and helping everyone with their tech needs. There will be an opportunity for you to place a value on your experience with Techy Tea and support it as much as you feel is suitable in the way of a donation.

You can ask anything related to technology! Whether it’s troubleshooting issues with your smartphone, setting up a new computer, advice on software, or even recommendations for tech accessories, we’re here to assist you.

There’s no need to register or book in advance. Techy Tea Tuesday is a drop-in session, so you can simply show up at Nafferton Village Hall during our designated hours.

We welcome attendees of all skill levels. Our friendly experts will provide assistance tailored to your level of experience, from beginners to tech enthusiasts.

It’s helpful if you can bring your own device, as it allows us to provide more specific assistance. However, if you have general tech-related questions and don’t have your device with you, we can still offer advice and suggestions based on the information you provide.

Yes, Techy Tea Tuesday is inclusive and open to all age groups. Whether you’re a tech-savvy teenager or a tech-curious senior, our experts are here to assist you. We adapt our assistance to match your level of tech knowledge.

There’s no strict limit on the number of questions or issues you can bring. We aim to assist everyone as efficiently as possible, so we recommend prioritizing your most pressing concerns. If you have multiple questions, we’ll do our best to address them within the available time.

The aim of Techy Tea is simple!

Techy Tea’s aim is to develop a program that helps people of the community both get out the house for a couple of hours AND get some much needed help with their technological devices. No issue is too small for us and we want to help you overcome these very frustrating obstacles. This biggest thing we have to overcome is ourselves, if we keep an open mind and willingness to try, then the solution is never far away. We sometimes need help to find those solutions though and that is what we are here for. To bridge the gap and help you make the techy devices that are supposed to make your life easier, do their part! Afterall, we get by with a little help from our friends!

If you have a complex issue or would like to know more about the Techy Tea event, where or when it is, then drop us a message using the form below or reach out to us on social media. We use Facebook and Instagram for most of our posting and will start uploading videos to our YouTube channel if we have any annoucements.